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Thanks to access to the best raw material, we can offer you a join board of the best AA quality.


Our oak board is used to produce interior joinery elements such as stair treads or window sills. The board is ready for further use.


Our joined board is available in 42mm thickness and dimensions: 650mm x 900mm, 650mm x 1000mm, 650mm x 1100mm, 650mm x 1200mm, 650mm x 1300mm, 650mm x 1400mm, 650mm x 1500mm

Oak joint board

In addition to the most popular types, we have beech, larch, ash, sycamore, elm, alder, walnut, spruce, and other lumber in stock.

Sawn timber in our warehouse is available in various thicknesses and quality classes. We also offer edged lumber. The boards are properly seasoned and then dried in our chamber dryers. Finished products are stored in a dry warehouse. We are distinguished by quality. We kiln-dry seasoned sawn timber under the supervision of specialists with over 10 years of experience. The processes in dryers run slowly, which guarantees thorough drying, and sawn timber free of cracks and deformation.

You can be sure that when creating your product from our sawn timber, you will maintain high efficiency and durability. Our traders are will be happy to help you choose the best-suited timber for your project.

Kiln-dried sawn timber

Our main product is high-grade sawn timber used to manufacture furniture, wooden windows and doors, and many other carpentry products.
We control the means of production ourselves to ensure that our timber is of the best quality. Despite having a spacious warehouse and a specialized innovative production line, we remain a committed, family-owned business. 

Our export timber comes in multiple classes and a wide range of thicknesses. 

In standard, we offer kiln-dried, unedged timber.


We offer all European species of wood. The most popular of them are:


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