Sorted oak sawn timber



Cut from different parts of the log and afterward sorted into quality classes by our specialists.


Available in typical thicknesses and lengths, in A, A/B, B, and C quality classes.





Kiln-dried European sawn Oak timber, due to its high strength, is one of the most popular and desired carpentry materials for internal use.

Thanks to its hardness and resistance it is perfect for the production of floors or stairs.

Due to its beautiful look, oak is also an excellent material for the production of original tables and countertops.

We offer oak timber in typical thicknesses, lengths, sorted sawn timber and boules (block cut).



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tarcica dębowa sortowana


Boules- block cut


Our boules timber is a log sawn by parallel cuts into natural-edge slabs and assembled back to log form. 

We produce boules from the first parts of the selected, best-quality logs. It is a valuable raw material, which is why we handle the boules with special care.
For seasoning, we place them in the best place under the roof with stable natural air flow, taking care of protection against the elements.
After a long seasoning, the boules are kiln-dried, strictly following the control of parameters. Planks of different logs are never mixed and are always sold together as one boule. 


The use of block-cut timber allows the grain to be easily matched and ensures a uniform color in the finished product. Boules oak timber is especially recommended for the production of furniture with a natural finish, with an emphasized grain pattern.

The creative placement of grain patterns gives you the opportunity to show the full beauty of the wood. It is easy to obtain, for example, the effect of book matching, or other arrangements diversifying the appearance of furniture.
Sawn boules also work very well in the implementation of staircases and door elements in a colorless finish. Block sawn timber is available in thicknesses of 54, 42, 35, and 30mm, in QBA, QB1 and QB2 quality.

oak boules sawn timber



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