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Sezonowanie drewna

TELEYKO has been active in the wood industry since 1993. Our wood mill and drying facility is located near Lublin in eastern Poland. We have an enclosed storage area of many types of timber, including seasoned timber and our own kiln-drying timber chambers. We have state-of-the-art woodcutting machinery along with the most innovative automatic system of measuring sawn planks to specification.

From the beginning, our company has focused on choosing the highest quality raw timber logs at each and every stage of processing, which reflects on the highest quality of the final product. We use only the highest standards in all parts of the production process- from the beginning of selecting the precise chosen timber from our local forests to its precision cutting using automatic machinery and long-term seasoning of timber planks. Timber is then sent for drying in kilns after a suitable stock is chosen. This is the reason why today we specialize in the selling of the highest quality timber cut planks and veneer logs.



Sezonowanie drewna